Dubai Day 4 – 31/12/2016 | Study Abroad in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Day 4 – 31/12/2016

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On the fourth day of the programme, we drive to the city of Sharjah, which is the capital of the emirate with the same name. Sharjah is located next to Dubai and it only takes us 45 minutes to get there in the morning.

At first we stop at the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority Shurooq. Their aim is to develop Sharjah’s business potential, cultural heritage and natural beauty for today and generations to come. They chose projects that help Sharjah grown in the best way possible and search for unique mixed-use developments combining retail and cultural attractions.

Our first appointment is with a member of Shurooq’s Legal Department. He introduces us to the authority itself and explains the basic tasks of a lawyer in the legal department. After the presentation, we are invited for a nice and surprising buffet lunch in a showroom of the company.

After that, we walk over a canal and through some arcades as we head for the Maraya Art Centre. Maraya Art Centre is a three-storey non-profit museum which offers creative space for everyone. They are showcasing the work of leading Middle Eastern artists and boast an art library in which students can learn in a friendly and quiet environment. We get a tour by the director of the Maraya Art Centre and are stunned by the contemporary exhibition.

When we are done, it’s lunch time and we have a tea in a Turkish restaurant at the arcades we passed by earlier. From there we walk to Eye of the Emirates Wheel, which is similar to the London Eye. Normally, the Eye does not operate at that time of the day, but surprisingly they are turning it on for the 13 of us. From the top, 60 metres above the ground, we get a clear view on Sharjah, which seems to be quieter than Dubai, but nevertheless it is a very decent spot with nice water canals and a long beach front at the Gulf. After a couple of rides, we exit and go to some water fountains next to the Eye, where we are presented a short show.

Our last stop for today is The Heart of Sharjah Discovery Centre. It is a cultural heritage site which is a Candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site. Their aim is to restore the old cultural district to show what the emirate was like in the 1950s. After a short introduction by their manager, we are offered dates and traditional coffee and are shown around a bazaar as well as a museum. The museum holds a collection of traditional clothing and explains the traditional life in the Gulf region.

Shurooq cleary made an effort to show us around Shardjah and welcomed us very warmly!

In the early afternoon we return to Dubai and experience some traffic as many people are heading for the city centre for New Year’s Eve.

After some refreshments, some delegates head for one of the world most impressive fireworks at Burj Al Khalifa, others have booked tickets for a beach club and some stay at the EAHM to get a sight of Burj Al Arab at midnight.

Wherever they might be- surely none of us won’t forget where we spend that last night of 2016 and the early hours of 2017. Happy New Year!

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