Dubai Day 6 – 02/01/2017 | Study Abroad in Dubai, UAE

Dubai Day 6 – 02/01/2017

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Our sixth day with CBL led us to another Emirate and the capital of the U.A.E., Abu Dhabi.

After a 90 minutes drive, we arrived at Masdar City close to the capital and not far away from Ferrari World. Masdar City is a planned city project, where the U.A.E. try to prove that it is possible to have a city fully realiable on renewable energy in the middle of the desert.

Our first stop was at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. The university is a graduate level, research-oriented college focussing on alternative energy, sustainability and other environment issues. We were given a campus tour by one of their research assistants, a PhD student from Brazil who recently moved to Masdar to research on urban planning. As we were guided around the campus, we experienced that like many other buildings in the U.A.E., it was designed by Foster + Partners. They aimed for designing an environment friendly work-and-living space including the use of traditional architectural elements. It was impressive to see how the architecture of the building complex had impact on its micro climate and how they achieved an air condition without electricity simply by using the law of physics.

After our tour, we had lunch in one of the various restaurants on campus. Following, we had the chance to return to our bus – in an autonomous, electric podcar of Masdar’s personal rapid transit system.

Our second stop was the Urban Planning Council of Abu Dhabi. The UPC is the strategic planning agency for Abu Dhabi and suppports the Abi Dhabi Vision 2030. It is responsible for reviewing and approving Master Plans and Projects within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We were given a presentation of one of the UPC’s planners through which we gazed some insights of the Emirate’s plans for the future.

In the afternoon we continued to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The Mosque is not even 10 years old and one of the largest (and most beautiful ones) in the world. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s uses artisans and material from all around the globe and hence is said to “unite the world”. We had a very interesting tour through the Mosque and also visited the prayer hall, which can accommodate over 7000 worshipers and features the biggest one piece, hand-made carpet in the world. The Mosque certainly is one of the must-sees in one’s lifetime and a testimony of the achievements of the U.A.E.

As we stayed in the Mosque until dawn, we even had a chance to hear the Muezzins Call before we travelled back to Dubai after a very long and exciting day.

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